Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oh, yes please

Oh please, oh please may I have this Prada bag?

You know when you see something you love for the first time how your heart starts pounding really fast and your palms get all sweaty and you feel faint?

Well that's what happened to me when I opened the latest issue of Instyle and saw this ad!

I am actually willing to give my left arm for this bag, and the right for that matter. And yes I 'm fully aware that if I had no arms i would have no way to carry the bag, but at least I would be able to stare at it and occasionally rub my cheek up against it's soft, beautiful leather! Oh, heaven!

I'm sorry for the shotty pic but I had to scan it from the magazine.

Love Lucie

1 comment:

Cily said...

This bag is beautiful!! I had the same feeling what I saw Chloe ankle boots!!!